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The United Re-Entry Resource App concept was brought to us by George Carver, who started a nonprofit called Dare Minority Coalition Inc. George’s vision for the app is to help people who have been recently released from incarceration find the right resources to transition back into society.  

The app would provide open job opportunities, available housing, banking, and educational resources available in their local area. Users can message with supportive personnel and view a local map complete with transportation options and nonprofits in the area.

  • Provides users with a smartphone application for former or newly released prisoners, presenting resources such as transportation, schooling, jobs, etc.

  • Allows businesses to advertise for yearly fee to ensure opportunities are listed on the app. and too.

  • Offers jobs and resources to people who may lack information depending on how long they were in jail for.

  • Maximizes presentation of resources for formerly incarcerated people, ensuring he or she can take steps to better their lives.

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