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Making Change Possible

Jan. 2019 till August 2022 other organizations, businesses and individuals have been involved and supportive of DMC.

Thank you All

Donors List


Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation, Inc.

Outer Banks Hospital

Outer Banks Chamber of Commerce

Children & Youth Partnership

Manteo Art Council

College of the Albemarle

Interfaith Com. Outreach

Outer Banks Presbyterian Church

American Online Giving Foundation, INC

UU Congregation of the Outer Banks


Manteo Marina

Buffalo City Jug Shop


Manteo Book Store

O'Neal's Seafood

Atlantic Flooring

Holland and Associates Counseling, PLLC

George' Dome Homes Inc.

Manteo Subway

Dare County Social Services


David Shufflebarger

Ronald Campbell

Beverly Jones

Shakema Spruill

Kathy Jorgensen

Betty Selby

Michael Pledger

Key Benston

Diaona Choates

Miriam Fadden

Mollies E. Bass

Gabe Stitt

Ervin Bateman

Michael Lewis

Brittany Lewis

Erica Lewis

Beulah Ashby

Adena Carver

Cyndee Hopkins

Damon Hall

Patricia Mckenna

Anne Parker Kellam

Nancy Collins

Coquetta Brooks

Melissa Warner

Janet Promisel

Karen Pendt

Richard James

Joseph Goalson

Max LaRue

Austin Noble

Sandra Patterson

Matthew and Aquila Bryant

Steven Casey

Wanda Copper

Lonnie Ford

Troy Anderson

Marlies Hargrove

Sandra Hayes

Theresa Kivatino

Curtis Platt

Kind Yoga

Kerry Ratdiff

Isaac Frazier

Willie Smith


Ryan Peele

Margaret Miles

Cassandra Porter

Brandy Charity

Wallace Forkells

Judy England

Peter Simpson

Nancy Byrne

Theodore Sterne

Susan M. Brderick

Carlton Moore

The Bells


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